Aronth's Weyr

Hello, Are you here to be a canident to impress one of my eggs? Didn't you hear? I layed eggs! There are canident spots up still so hurry! Have you met my mate Kackith? Well go see him he will tell you the rules. Would you like some back ground on us dragons?

Well you see we are pernese. We talk telepathicly to our Weyr Mates, the people who impressed us. I'm a gold, the highest in rank of the dragons. Next is bronze, then brown, then blue, then green. Greens and Golds are always Female the rest are always Male. Golds, when ready to mate, can only mate with Bronze dragons, and sometimes brave browns will mate a gold, but few have. Greens can mate with Browns, and Blues. Like all prenese dragons, we chew fire stone, except for us Golds. The reason why is because, chewing fire stones disable female dragons from laying eggs.. Greens will chew fire stones, but they will NOT lay eggs if they do. If a green does lays any eggs they will be small and mostly will be Browns, Blues, and Greens.

Well I think that covers it. Well I have some information that will be usefull for you people who impress greens. If you can find the Flame Thrower hidden on this site, your green will NOT chew fire stones, and will be able to lay eggs! I wouldn't expect any golds though, but it could happen!