Fire Lizard's Cove

HI! We have some fire lizards and Armaina appointed ME to watch over them! They really like me too! They think of me as a big brother. Well I kinda am aren't I? Of corse Armaina takes care of the big stuff I just make sure they behave. They've been good so far. We only have, 23!

That green is Wenica and the brown is Halick

The blue is Carick the first bronze is Garis and the second bronze is Bandal

The blue one is Zeris, the brown one is Gerabon, and the gold is Mayna

The blue one here is Galacks and the gold is Sondara.

Zerac Grew! He's a full grown Fire Lizard now!

Look We've got three more! Wow! this place is sure growing! Well the brown is Angarick the green is Maylana, and the blue is Highrin! Aren't they all Sooooo cute?

We have three more! The blue is Xiris the brown is Yanic and the green is Syran.

Look! three more! Can you see Invisa? She is a transperent dragon! I also hasve two Elements dragons! Fire and Water! Male, Fyran and Female, Auquana. I'm waiting till she makes a lightning dragon, them the three can preform Shadow Tecniques!

Another one! Her name is Pyra.

The one on the left is Rayna, the one on the right is Blaycan.

Check the hatching sands to see the eggs.

Here is where I got all my fire lizards! Taris Wyer, Beach, Dragon Impressions, Fire Lizard Adoption, Teenydragons, and, Downloadable Dragons