Gyna's Cave

You step into a cave where you see a huge, Gold Griffin. She spreds her wings streaches and then folds them again. Hello there! I'm Gyna, and Armaina's only griffin here! I'll rule the skies! She then lifts off and does flips and turns in the air. I'm more skilled at flying then any dragon! With that sentence you hear the roar, bugaling of several angery Dragons. Alright, alright, so I'm not better than any dragon OK? Don't get you'r tails in a knot, sheesh! Well check my stats:

Name: Gyna
Breed: Gryphin or Griffin
Age: Adult
Mate: None

Come any time you like, oh and Armaina asked if I would be willing to host a Griffin adoption if she were to make some, I said yes of course, so you might want to look for that here, some helpful info for the futre.