Kackith's Wyer

Hello there traviler! I'm Kackith, the Mate of Aurith. Would you like to be a cenident for impressing one of my Mates' eggs? Well first you have to know the rules.

1. You MUST have a page, They can't live in a hard drive yha know!
2. Your page MUST be child safe, no bad lingo and stuff, PG rated I guess.

3. You MUST have the dragon and the site up in about a week.(If something is wrong let me know.)

4. You MUST have a link back to this site, I (Armaina) worked VERY HARD on these pics useing just that CRAPY MS PAINT PROGRAM!

5. Do NOT niglect you dragon, or else it will die.

6. Have Fun!

Well I think that covers it. Now go and see if there are any cannident spots left!