Welcome one and all to Armaina's World.

For anyone who has been here before, you'll notice that this site is going through a lot of changes, as you may have noticed the entry has been split into several different sections. this is becase I want each of these sections to be looked to as entirely differeny websites, seperate from each other. This is mostly done for more professional reasons, and functionality. My personal gallery, as well as my website design sections are now under the name of Silver Dragon Designs, the title I shall use for all my art realted portfolios, and yes, Website design IS an art.

So please bare with me. New layouts are in store for this section as well, and I hope to have some new info up as soon as possible ^^() I've been very bad about it all.

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Everything on this site was made by me, unless mentioned otherwise. If you choose to 'borrow' one of the graphics to use as a background, etc. for your own site, please give me credit for them (it's hard to make backgrounds!)
The background for the Dragons section was lifted from a free background site, that I no longer know where it is.