Wyers and Such

Here are all My adopted pets and what not. I've had this section for a long time, and a lot of what is written, is what I had origiranlly written about 6-7 years ago. If it weren't for the adoptions, I may have never gotten a site in the first place...

Aurith's Weyr
Kackith's Weyr
Saricath's Weyr
Serack's Weyr
Venice's Weyr
Aronth's Weyr
Zahara's Weyr
Cerena's Weyr
Dusty's Weyr

I also have some other adopted creatures

Gyna's Cave
Jyran's Cave
Syana's Cliff
Zyris's Cliff
Jetta's Den
Grythen's Den


Neris' Pasture
Daniel's Den
Sarah's Den
Raptor's Room
Gidan's Nest
Zanic's Room
Pastel's Pool

FireLizard's Cove